May 28, 2008

Race Report: Escape from Granogue

Last Saturday was the Escape From Granogue race. The race course was located on the beautiful Granogue Estate located just outside of Wilmintgton Delaware. The team had a few ups and downs. Janice cashed in the first lap of the women's endurance race and cracked some ribs. Janice is one tough gal she said she had to push the one rib back into place to keep it from poking her in the lung, then she hiked it back to the cars and hung around for the rest of the day. Hope your feeling better Janice. Also in the endurance race, Sarah rode 5 laps giving her self the win and a 12 minute gap on the next rider, way to ride Sarah. In the Elite race it was Andy, Mike, and I taking to the starting line. Andy and I had a fairly decent race with me ridding off the back of him for about two laps in the middle until the end of the last lap when my legs finally came around and I managed to pass a few people for 16th place. Andy also finished nicely, making it in the money in 20th place. Bad luck struck the team again when Mike had problems with his wheel and had to trade Janice wheels, but he still finished the race.

Mike Funk competed in the Expert Master category finishing in 6th out of 6 finishers, but he also complained of mechanical failures during the race. The race had some ups and downs for the day with the highlight being Sarah wining for the endurance women. Hopefully The Summer Sizzler in New Jersey this Saturday goes smoother for the team.

Post written by Martin

Photos by Don Pagono

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