May 6, 2008

Tour of PA - more details on Stage 2

From Brian Stephenson... he e-mailed the website to get more detail on Stage 2:

Sprint #1 is on Rt. 322 at State Street in Ephrata Sprint # 2 is on Rt. 322 at Homestead Lane in Hershey Feedzone is 2 miles past Sprint #2 on Rt. 322 at Centerview (near Turkey Hill).
He also sent a map, but it isn’t any more detailed than what’s on the website:

So I still don’t know exactly how they get through Harrisburg . I plan to watch them pass through somewhere. The KOM apparrently is that climb on 322 after you pass under the PA Turnpike; doesn’t sound too interesting, I wish they were doing Blue Mt Parkway as the Tour duPont used to. As best I can tell from their map, from the feedzone they must somehow get to Union Deposit Rd , maybe through the actual village of Union Deposit ; then straight through town on Market St crossing the river on the Harvey Taylor Bridge .

So good spots might be the Homestead Rd sprint, the feedzone (easier to actually see the riders), one of the sharp hills into Hoernerstown, or downtown.

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