March 19, 2009

Michaux MASH, March 15, 2009

Sally - Great Number Plate!

We are back for an all new season of mountainbike racing! This last weekend was our first race of the year and was billed more as and early season training race. The MASH was a 4 hour enduro scored in the same manner as a 12 or 24 hour race. The intent is to complete as many laps as possible before 4 hours is up, starting at 9am, if you finish a lap prior to 2pm you can elect to go for another lap. The one with the most laps in the least elapsed time wins. Each lap was 9 miles in length and consisted of some sweet single track, dirt road and one huge climb, providing an excellent test of both early season fitness and bike handling skills.

Mike Funk

The rain held off and the promoter Zach Adams and crew did a great job with everything running smoothly, despite a turn-out twice as large as expected. Being an endurance race, the number of catagories was limited to: Open Men, Open Women, Masters 35+ and Juniors. This led to a wide variation of fitness and skill levels, especially when Trek Pro, Chris Eatough, 6-Time World 24 Hour Endurance Champion made an appearance!

Janice - Pretty Bike!

Mountainside Racing had an excellent result for a mid-March race with Janice and Sally both completing 3 laps and finishing 2nd and 6th respectively. Mike Funk completed 4 laps with only one wrong turn and finished 9th in Masters and Mike Laub ended with 5 laps, jumping several places on the last lap for 5th in Open Men.

All Photos by Don Pagano

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