April 20, 2010

Tour de Tykes

How many of you know, if you're going to host a mountain bike race, it's always a good idea to try and stage it next to a hospital...Fortunately, none of the Mountainside Racing Team landed themselves in the Geisinger Medical Center on race day. Then again, Nathan wasn't racing with us either that day :)

The Tour de Tykes race in Danville,PA held last Sunday was the 2nd XC race in the Mid Atlantic Super Series(MASS). Typically held in June, when the temperatures have soared close to 100 degrees several years in a row, the cool 40's of April were a welcomed change for those of us who don't tolerate high heat racing. The venue is also a fundraiser for the Children's Miracle Network, so you know sponsor's money via race fees are well spent.

Spent is also the feeling you get after climbing 4500 vertical feet crammed into 19 miles. Or rather, 18.5 for those of you who are lucky enough to have age as an excuse to get out of that last killer powerline climb, no names mentioned, hhmm, Funkmaster Mike.

Regardless of the distance pedaled, 19, 18.5, or 13 for our Sport riders, it's a true test of cardio fitness. Once again, the Mountainside Racing Team proved they are up for the challenge.

With strong team representation, came strong results, and faster times than previous years.

Elite Open: Andy H- 9th; Mike L- beating up on the young bucks for 21st
Expert Master 2: Mike F- 2nd
Elite Women's 40+: Sally M- 2nd; Janice M- 4th
Sport Master 1: Dave M- 6th

Great idea to schedule the team picnic the day before! With all that power packed food came the right fuel to power our day! Thanks to all!!

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