July 2, 2010

PAValleys.com MASS Festival Weekend

Every 15 years, the course that looks like a big plate of spaghetti from the sky, loses a few meatballs. Not even this massive logging occurrence could stop Mike Kuhn from putting on the 7th annual Marysville Festival Weekend at the Oesterling Farm.
When the Mountainside Race Team heard the word, they along with various other passionate racers stepped up to the plate to clear cut what was left of the debris strewn trails, and even made time to cut in some new ones. With these team efforts, 3 miles of trail 5 weeks before the race evolved into over 7 miles of tight twisty log hopping rip roaring fun! 54 logs to be exact!
And so it was, 3 days, 3 stages, and 1 extremely hot weekend. The weather wasn't the only thing rating high on the temperature scale though. Mountainside Racing represented with 3 red hot teams, plus Andy, who raced solo, had 1 red ...well let's just say the saddle left it's mark.
If you haven't raced or came out to spectate at the Oesterling Farm you are really missing out!

Here's how it works...

Stage 1: Friday (Night time team/solo time trial)
9:15 p.m. racers sent off in 1 minute intervals armed with lights on helmets and handle bars to tackle a technical 3.25 mile course. Teammates must start and finish together. All of the Mountainside Race Teams finished up in the top 10 around 10:30 p.m. and headed home for some sleep. Stage 2: Saturday (8 hour Solo & Team Relay)
Solo riders cruise the 7.5 mile course solely supported, while teams alternate riders in order. The most laps in the shortest amount of time within the 8 hour parameter wins. Andy Hoover ripped up the course that he so painstakingly cleared and won 2nd place out of 32 solo male racers. Sally McClain and Mike Laub won 3rd place for the Coed Duo division. Craig Thompson, Dave McClain, and Craig Shambaugh won 5th in the 3 Man Master division. Nathan Goates and Tammy Gantz were scored as 1st for a Master Class Coed Duo, LOL...long story there.
(A true master duo accepting award for Nathan and Tammy the alleged master duo)
Stage 3: Sunday (Short Track XC)
Solos red lined for 30 minutes, while Teams had 1 hour to rack up as many laps as they could while alternating teammates each lap. Once again Team Mountainside Racing cracked the top 10. No doubt due in part to one of our sponsors Dave and Melissa Miller of Miller & Miller Law Firm, LLC coming out in the high heat with their two beautiful children to cheer us on!! Thank you for your strong support!

Overall for the weekend Andy was our big winner. He finished 3rd for his division and 3rd for the GC, even though a results screw-up robbed him of his glory. Mike and Sally were 4th in their division and 8th in the GC combined Duos. Craig, Dave, and Craig finished in 5th for division, and 7th for GC.
Of course the weekend is not complete without mentioning another serious competition that occurs. Yes, there is the slow down hill race, the tricycle slalom, the kids race and scavenger hunt, but I'm talking about the ever popular huffy toss. A true test of grit and might, and hopefully a really good bounce. This year we lofted the 55 lb. bike down a small hill. Gravity did not make the throw any easier, but it did make for some spectacular landings! Much pressure was on Craig Thompson as the 2009 reigning champ. He led off with the first toss of the competition. Only a few could come close to matching his distance, but none could surpass it. So Craig prevails as Huffy Tossing Champ 2010. But wait there's more....drum roll please for the Ladies Champ...with the bike weighing half her weight, 5 ft. not even quite 1 inch Sally McClain. Yes you heard it right, Sally had the farthest ladies throw and now covets the Ladies Huffy Toss Champ title for 2010.

Thank you to our sponsors and all who make the team happen!

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