October 8, 2010

cross is boss

BCA Cross down at Fort Ritchie last weekend...

...it was a sloppy mess for the early races, but by noon it was mostly peanut butter, with just a few sections of major slop.

I was set up for a nice sixth or seventh place finish, but with 1.5 laps to go, just after having come around a guy, I overcooked a turn that put us both sprawling on the ground. The demands of sportsmanship (and shame) required that I make sure the guy I wrecked was cool and on his way before I looked out for myself...and with a dropped chain and a jammed canti it was another 20 seconds or so before I was rolling. Cost me enough time to drop me to an eleventh place finish. Bummer...

Anyhoo, you might notice in the photo that I'm rolling on the new S-Works Crux. From Mountainside. :-) Lovely, lovely rig. With my road wheels/tires it weighs in at 16.25 lbs. (I haven't weighed it yet with CX wheels/tires.)

What you don't quite see is that I'm also riding my new tubies, the first I've glued myself, and a front wheel I built from scratch. I'm very proud.

Next up: Iron Cross VIII

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Buckley. Thanks, Bruce.)

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