May 3, 2011

Granogue, May 1

Mountainside Racing had a great day this past Sunday at the MASS race at Granogue. Weather was excellent for a change and the course conditions were only slightly on the wet side. Judd and Jen Kulas were there in the feed zone providing great support for the racers.

Sally with the hammer down!

Starting bright and early at 8:45am, Andy and Missy raced the enduro and Dave McClain entered the Sport Men catagory. Andy finished 6 laps and came away with the the win over a strong field. In the early laps he had to fend off the pesky Fast Forward duo of Dan Rapp and Zach Adams. As the race wore on they couldn't hold Andy's pace and dropped off letting Les Leach take up the fight. In the end he didn't have enough to contend with Andy and settled for second. Missy finished a great 6th in her first Elite Womens enduro!

Chad leading the charge!

At 11am Chad, Sally, Mike F. and I went off in the Elite and Expert field for 3 laps. Mike F. came away with a great win in Master Expert, Sally and Chad also represented very well with Sally finishing 2nd in the Elite Women 40+ and Chad ending up with a 6th overall. I was fortunate enough to just squeak into the money, it's great when they pay 20-deep!

The whole McClain clan was there and Keenan had much better luck than his brother, finishing second in his junior race. Kyle came back early with a flat rear tire, Dave's going to have to upgrade to tubeless. Janice also came along for support still not fully recovered from her bronchitis. She managed to make an 8 mile ride into 16 miles when she got lost coming back from Trader Joes, a necessary trip after someone forgot the burgers for the post-race barbeque.

Full race results can be found at:

Mike F.



* All photos by Dennis Smith

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