July 25, 2011

Midnight in Milford Mills

Race Report by Sally McClain

Thunder rolled and lightening streaked across the dusky sky over Marsh Creek, just as Mike L., Andy, and Sally pulled in to race XC #8 of the Mid-Atlantic Super Series.

As the rain poured down, thoughts of 'it was a dark and stormy night...' horror stories went through their minds. Fortunately the severe weather only lasted for a short while and the 98 degree air cooled off considerably, a welcome change that didn't stick around long enough, with the humidity intensifying.

Since the storm caused a 30 minute delay to the 9:15 p.m. start time, the Mountainside racers took their time rigging up lights and prepping for battle.

Once the clock started, a great contest ensued for Sally with Amy Breyla of Team C3 Athletes serving Athletes. The two exchanged places throughout the 19 mile course, each suffering a crash, and then back at it again. It looked like it would end in a sprint finish, but Amy washed in a turn on the final lap. Sally took the advantage to finish ahead as 4th overall Elite Woman and 2nd place for the Elite Women's 40+ class.

Meantime, Andy and Mike took on the Men's Open Elite Field that is completely stacked with wickedly fast racers, including themselves. They both tore it up and spanked the course, despite each of them suffering some light malfunctions, of which caused Andy to be edged out of the top 10 into a strong 11th Place finish and Mike in 17th.

The Mountainside Racing Team is currently in 1st Place for the 2011 MASS Team Cup XC Competition, as well as 1st Place for the Team Endurance Series. There are only 3 XC races left in the series and the Team shows no sign of letting up.

Thanks to all our Sponsors for allowing all the fun and excitement to stay alive !!

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