December 30, 2012


As the year draws to a close it’s high time to report on 2012’s triathlon exploits.

Fun at Eagleman
Mason Dixon Sprint – June 3 – Pinchot Lake
.5 mile swim /18.2 mile bike / 3.1 mile trail run
Brent Shultz, M50-54, 1st Place

Ironman Eagleman 70.3 – June 10 - Cambridge Maryland
1.2 mile swim / 56 mile bike / 13.1 mile run
As one of the oldest ½ Iron events in the country, this race features a swim in the Choptank River, a hot and windy bike through the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, and an unshaded out and back run.  True to its reputation race day was sunny, 90 plus degrees with high humidity. I survived the epic inferno, avoided the medical tent, and finished!

PA Warrior Triathlon – June 16 – Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA
.4 mile swim / 15.4 mile bike / 3 mile run.  Held at Memorial Lake this race has a fast bike and a cross country run. Proceeds benefit the Pa National Guard.
Brent Shultz, M50-54, 2nd place

Catfish Triathlon - July 8 – Harrisburg City Island
.8mi swim, 14.5 mi bike, and 3.1 mi run.  Always unpredictable, the river was low and clear.
Brent Shultz, M50–54, 6th place.

Keystone State Sprint Triathlon – August 26 - Pinchot Lake
.5 mile swim /18.2 mile bike / 3.2 mile trail run
Pouring rain during the bike made for interesting 48 MPH downhills. After missing the podium by 14 seconds I made a list of several things I did and choices I made which cost me the time.
Brent Shultz, M50-54, 4th Place

The Shoreman ½ Distance Aqua Bike – September 8 – Port Republic, NJ
1.2 mile swim / 56 mile bike
Not to be deterred by a nagging injury that prevented her from running in 2012 Kera Daily set her sights on a ½ Iron Aqua Bike.  Her hard work and perseverance paid off on race day with a fantastic finish!
Kera Daily, 3rd Female Overall, 1st W35-39

Stoudts Cross - November 4 - Adamstown, PA 
Yes, a cross race for the Tri-geeks.   Featuring a mud bog with a run-up and a craft brewery, a fun day was had by all.
Brent Shultz, Mens CAT 4, DNF courtesy of tubeless tire technology
Kera Daily, Womens CAT 3/4, 21st
Dan Rapp, Mens CAT 1/2/3, 20th

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