October 22, 2007

Iron Cross V

"Iron Cross is based on the Three Peaks Cyclocross race in England and offers a style of 'cross racing much different than burning short laps around the local municipal park. It is an "ultra" style event with a much bigger adventure element than most 'cross contests and attracts all sorts of riders, not just 'cross racers." (Source)

Simply put, Iron Cross is insane and so are those who choose to do it.

Those sporting the Mountainside jersey for this year's IC were:

Mike Laub
Finish Time: 4:45:11
Men 40+ Place: 21/71 (and 3 DNFs)
Comments: Mike flatted. Twice. He was carrying only one spare tube. On the second flat a very nice racer gave Mike his only spare tube. Later on Mike passed the nice racer... he had a flat.

Sally McClain
Finish Time: 5:05:26
Women: 8/26 (and 2 DNFs)

Mark Ritter
Finish Time: 7:32:58
Men Under 40 Place: 92 (and 5 DNFs)
Comments: Mark was still recovering from bronchitis.

Brent Shultz
Finish Time: 6:42:37
Men 40+ Place: 67/71 (and 3 DNFs)
Comments: Brent waited for his stepdaughter and fellow racer, Kera, so they could ride together. (Women started 10 minutes after the men.)

Kera Daily
Finish Time: 6:32:25
Women: 24/26 (and 2 DNFs)
Comments: Does this race ever end?!

The No Whining award recipient was Kera.

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