October 22, 2007


Yesterday at the Wissahickon Cyclocross race the weather was 80 degrees and sunny. This is not normal cross weather. Instead of cooking on the grill we're usually hovering around it to stay warm.

Wissahickon was the first cross race for Janice and Brent. Despite a few falls and a nasty gash on the arm from a man flinging his bike over a barrier, Janice finished with a great time and placed 16th in B Women.

Brent escaped with only one fall, but it left him with a bent derailleur. He finished 48th in C Men.

Mike competed with B Men, which had the largest field with 77 starters. He too crashed in his first lap, but recovered quickly and took 15th place.

Continuing with the crashing theme... Kera went down in the sand pit on the first lap, but was thrilled to not finish dead last, but rather 27th out of 29 starters.

The No Whining award recipient for this race was Janice.

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