December 5, 2007

Carlisle Cross

The Carlisle Fairgrounds was the location of Saturday's very chilly and windy cross race. Jill Wiest, Kera Daily and Brent Shultz were the first to go off (at 9am and barely hovering around freezing) . This was Jill's first cross race for year and she finished 17th overall, and 3rd in her age group. Kera had her best race of the season, finishing with a time of 42:15, putting her 12th overall and 8th in her age group.

(Jill #376, Kera #361)

In the C Men Brent finished in 40:07, placing him 37 out of 49 starters.

Mike Laub didn't fair so well during the B Men race. He flatted on the back section of the course halfway through his second lap and wasn't able to finish.

Click here for the full results.

We very well may be the only people crazy enough to "tailgate" in below freezing weather.

Above photo courtesy of Dennis Smith.

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