April 8, 2008

Race Report: MASS Team Relay

by Janice

What a great day, bright, sunny, warm... Nope, reality check, damp, cold, slick, welcome to the team relay! At least it didn't snow this year. The whole team showed up, (well kind of, we had one defector racing on a different team, no names mentioned, Taylor) Much to everyones's surprise and delight even Tammy made it on time.

The men's team had a rough start, thanks to Andy's skinny legs! Lesson to be learned, don't borrow leg warmers.

Big kudo's to our newest elite women racer, Sarah Lichtenwalner, who took it on the chin, (gracefully I may mention) and ran the run for us women. Everyone had decent laps with the fastest lap times posted by Mike L. for the men and Sally for the women. Awesome job guys! Not sure where any of us placed but with 70 teams and virtually no handicap points Mountainside had a great showing.

Looking around afterward, it is clear that we need to beef up our efforts to remain the best party canopy. Others are following our lead. All and all what a great day. The band was grooving, the atmosphere, well what else can you say, it's Marysville. It was awesome to see all of our old friends and welcome the new ones (Utah). It was really fun to be racing again, and everyone seemed to feel pretty good. A terrific time was had by all. Thanks to Mike Kuhn and the Osterlings for hosting this event. On to Fair Hill this Sunday, weather permitting.

Full Team Results: Click Here

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Chili said...

Nice job at the Relay! You all are on fire with your riding so early in the year -- excellent. Miss hanging with ya'll. I guess the first one of you I'll see is Sarah at the Xterra in New Jersey! (I'd be at the Hibernia Du, but have an Adventure race that day) See you then Sarah! Chili