October 29, 2007

Nittany Lion Cross

The weather finally became more cross like yesterday with 50 degrees and windy. And so came the decisions... do I wear arm warmers or not? Do I need the cap under my helmet? Tights or knee warmers? We would have been huddled around a fire had there been one. (We've been spoiled by the mild temps.) I was quite excited to discover that there was a real building with real bathrooms and heat. No port-a-potties and no shack-like buildings without a roof.

This race wasn't well attended as there were other competing events that day. The largest group was C Men with 28 racers. B Women had a whopping 6.

The 2.5 km course was all grass except for a short sand pit. On this course you were either out of the saddle climbing a hill or hauling your hiney across a straightaway. It was a fairly fast course.

Brent had a great start and hung in there until the 5th and final lap when his legs started to blow apart. He had a good mid-pack finish with 19th place.

Kera is developing a pattern of crashing in the sand pit on the first lap. She was right with the 5 other women coming out of the start, but then went down in the sand pit and couldn't catch up. Her ego got a little boost when she passed a couple of C Men. And she lapped a junior twice... that has to count for something, right? In her own words "I finished DFL."

Race results, click here.

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