April 22, 2008

Race Report: Mike & Janice at Sea Otter

Write-up and pictures courtesty of Ed (Old Guys Rule):

Well It's that time of year and the annual Sea Otter Classic started today. It's held annually at Laguna Seca Park in Seaside California...It is one of the worlds largest mountain bike festival weekends and a major National Qualifier. They anticipate up to 10,000 entrants...THATS RIGHT NOT MIS-SPELLED..10,000...ENTRANTS, and up to 50,000 spectators...I'm told that most classes can and do have over 100 entrants per age group...after the start you race 1/2 way around the road car course to the backside then climb on a fire road to the top of a hill where it flattens out then dives into a single track and continues on for 20 miles amounting to 6850 elevation total...but they say it is amazing to be among the large group diving into the single track...at that point it behooves you to have sharp elbows, it gets VERY aggressive....there are a couple of the MASS racers coming out so I am VERY excited about seeing folks from back home...I saw pictures (I believe from last year) of Jerimiah Bishop out here, that would be cool to see him again....all classes except Pros do one lap...Pros do 2 laps 38-39 miles for the big guys....

Yep, one of our own scored a podium position at the Sea Otter Classic this past weekend. Mike Laub Elite/Expert/Open 45-49 rider raced to a strong finish in 5th place at 2:56 for the 38 mile (2 loops) which accumulated to a total of 13,700 elevation climb and put him just 12:59 off the leader and 11:15 off his arch nemisis Johnny O'Mara...You should have seen the start, Mike was so strong off the line I think it even surprised himself...he was on the outside and blasted to at least 5-6 lengths ahead, gave a quick glance back and "Yes Mike your in the lead"...by the turn they all settled into a pack...


Janice Morris, who most of us know has blasted onto the scene from her start last year same time at Hibernia...remember...now she is at Sea Otter racing expert class and giving a very strong showing...finishing in 8th place (1 lap) 19 miles in 1:51 just 13:48 off the leader...each position was so evenly spaced between each competitor...When Janice rocketed into the finish area she looked like she could have easily done another lap...She has become such a strong rider this past year, very impressive.

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